• Senior Devops Engineer - Cornell University (Jan 2023 - Present)

    Automation & Efficiency: Scripting and automation of routine administrative tasks to streamline operations and enhance accuracy. (Terraform/Ansible)
    CI/CD Expertise: CI/CD practices to manage incremental code deployments. (Docker/GitHub)
    System Monitoring & Analysis: Implementing advanced system monitoring tools for continuous performance tracking and proactive issue resolution.
    Strategic Project Planning: Project planning, aligning project objectives with timelines, resources, and execution strategies.
    Application & Infrastructure Development: Development of software applications and the design of efficient system infrastructure.
    Cloud Architecture & Management: Resource implementation and operational support for cloud-based environments, emphasizing scalability and security. (AWS)
    Software Deployment Proficiency: Deployment of applications and updates, prioritizing reliability and minimal service disruption.
    Incident Management & Analysis: Incident management and conducting thorough root cause analysis for continuous improvement.
    System Administration: System administration, encompassing hardware setup, software installation, and security maintenance.
    Infrastructure Automation: Automating infrastructure management for improved efficiency and consistency.
    Skills: Python (Programming Language) · Terraform · Datadog · Jenkins · GitHub · Node.js · Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Systems Manager - HSLC (Jul 2007 - Dec 2022)

    • Provide development solutions and help bring creative concepts to life through digital experiences
    • Work with teammates to design and develop functional and responsive websites and applications
    • Responsible for taking full responsibility for front- and back-end development of websites and apps
    • Ideate and co-create with teammates in a positive and collaborative manner
    • Deployed a knowledge base system to share experiences with the Network Services team, seeking to inspire and bring new ideas to the table
    • Implemented and supported virtual XenApp Server Farm environment utilizing Citrix XenServer hypervisor
    • Responsible for administering, optimizing and supporting ~200 VMware servers mixed Debian/Ubuntu/CentOS/ Windows environment
    • Provide In-depth understanding of Relational Database Management software, preferably PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MS SQL Server
    • HSLC’s migration from a Windows to a Linux farm
    • Responsible for system monitoring, alerting, and problem resolution
    • Communicate and implement project system changes; ensuring the stability of the echo-system and compliance with industry best practice
    • Upgrade systems and processes as required for enhanced functionality and security issue resolution
    • Ensure baseline standardization for middleware, OS, and hardware
    • Troubleshoot and maintain cyber-security issues pertaining to internal and external firewall and system configurations and settings to meet government cyber-security requirements and also provide consistent and secure networking lab-wide
    • Participate in the incident response process and assessment of cyber security requirements and controls, log reviews and forensics and vulnerability scanning and remediation
    • Coordinate business applications deployments
    • Implement, document, and manage the business continuity plan
    • Installed, support, and maintenance of SAN, NAS, backup to disk technologies, virtual tape library infrastructure and associated software products
    • Perform capacity analysis, relief sizing, and timing for growth of our computing platform
    • Collaborate with application development team and business line managers on roadmap, automation, roll- out process improvement across multiple environments
    • Investigate new and emerging technologies, evaluating usefulness to Library Services Team and making recommendations for future services
  • CONTRACTING WORK: Pan American Voyages, New York, USA (Jan 2016 - Dec 2021)

    • Managed data center operations, including data assurance, monitoring, alerting and notifications
    • Led discussions with senior personnel regarding trade-offs, best practices, project management and risk mitigation
    • Co-coordinated large-scale migration from data center to data center and/or data center to cloud
    • Virtualized the servers on AWS using Docker, created Docker files and version control. Used Docker Containers for eliminating a source of friction between developer and operations.
    • Utilized Linux and Windows-based systems administration skills in a cloud and virtualized environment
    • Responsible for the planning and execution of new hardware installations and upgrades
    • Performed front-end development for interactive web applications to improve functionality and user experience using HTML, CSS, JQuery, PHP and MySQL
    • Managed, maintain and develop company e-commerce based website
    • Developed dynamic and interactive website that ensured high traffic, page views, and user experience, resulting in 40% increase in sales revenues
  • Systems Administrator/Librarian - Univ of South Carolina (Jan 2006 – June 2007)

    • Facilitated server deployments by implementing methods of remote system installation, administration, monitoring and change management
    • Monitored daily status of applications, maintain systems backups and upgrades
    • Provided troubleshooting support for software, hardware, and network issues
    • Researched new software and evaluated new hardware prior to using it in production mode
    • Managed, coordinated, developed and provided troubleshooting and support for the Innovative Interfaces integrated library system (ILS)
    • Assisted in the integration of existing or new third-party resource and software with the ILS
    • Administered the Library management System and related applications, library servers, networking issues in the library, hardware and software installation and related issues, and support and oversee technical training
    • Performed system upgrades, new installations, backups
    • Evaluated training needs and provide training and instruction to Library faculty and staff as needed
    • Maintained and supported the Library!s Pharos Uniprint printing and copying system
    • Provided regular reports and statistics on the operation of the ILS, Pharos Uniprint System, and web servers
    • Investigated and participated in testing emerging technologies and products, evaluate potential library uses, teach and expose library faculty and staff to new technologies
    • Provided system administration support for Windows based servers, including the library and proxy server
    • Document server system problems related to hardware, software, and setup of prescribed formats, resolving them independently or referring them to the immediate supervisor as needed
    • Define and deploy a comprehensive computational and data vision. Identifies and communicates system advantages/disadvantages and tradeoffs.
  • Graduate Assistant - Uni of South Carolina ( Jan’04 – Dec’05)

    • Built client-side and server-side web programming languages and other interactive technologies (ASP, JavaScript, MS Access)
    • Designed, developed, tested and maintained software which promotes an intuitive UX
    • Wrote reusable code and libraries
    • Enhanced software for maximum speed and scalability
    • Utilize knowledge of server and desktop systems, vendor supplied diagnostic tools and web-based information to determine the reason for the malfunction and the appropriate solution to resolve problems
    • Managed project deliverables and priorities, and work well both independently and as part of a team
    • Provided system administration support for Windows and Linux based servers
    • Hardware & Software installation and support (Windows, NT, Server 2003, Linux, Mac OSX)
    • LAN administration, TCP/IP, installing and implementing database systems and servers (LAMP/Windows)
    • Taught and helped students with applied knowledge of standard web tools, web design and its usability
    • Maintained the Local Area Network, computers, servers and related peripherals within the library
    • Installed and diagnosed problems with hardware and software installation, including installing new applications, installing upgrades and assisted users to solve software problems
  • Systems Intern - Midlands Technical College, SC (Jan’05 – May’05)

    PHP, MySQL, SIRSI Unicorn


    Designed and implemented an intranet based sign-in retriever page for two of the Midlands Technical College campuses. Administrator could pull up information how many students, staff & faculty accessed the Library!s online system. The information could be retrieved by various combinations such as by hours, days, months and years. The retrieved information can also be exported to Excel.

  • Software Engineer - Polar Industries Ltd. India (Nov’97 - Sep’00)


    • Employee Management System (IBM, India)
    • Inventory Control System (IBM, India)
    • Event Management Calendar (IBM, India)
    • Library Management System (The National Library, India)

    C++, UNIX, SQL Server, Access

    Involved in the analysis & design of the system, designed modules Involved in creating class and methods System Software Implementation Implemented system softwares

    Prepared pseudo code

    Designed a procedure/program for maintaining daily inventory status for “A! class material needed for its management information system, designed ER and Data Flow diagrams for maintaining daily inventory status for “A! class materials

    Involved in the designing of database queries for report generation. Wrote process specification for sub-modules

    Designed different sub-module of the inventory system like maintenance and report generation

  • Electrical Engineer - Production Thermoklin Control, India (Aug’95 - Oct'97)

    Production, planning and control

    Supervised daily shift production, maintaining LIFO Raw materials procurement (Class B), Inventory Control

    Generated monthly MIS and maintaining inventory control