• Systems Manager - HSLC (Jul 07 - Present)

    • Manage and maintain Linux servers and storage environments
    • Installing, configuring, and maintaining services such as Apache, MySQL, nginx, PHP, etc
    • Virtualization technologies (Citrix Xen Server, VMware, KVM)
    • Configuration management tools (Puppet, Git, Chef)
    • Database Administration Troubleshooting – MySQL, PostgreSQL
    • Scripting Languages – Bash, Perl, PHP
    • Performance and network tuning
    • Create, develop and maintain private and public internet sites with interactive applications
    • Facilitate server deployments by implementing methods of remote system installation, administration, monitoring and change management
    • Coordinates and implements technology and support for server, network, websites, software and applications
    • Coordinate and support digital software initiatives
    • Upgrade systems and processes as required for enhanced functionality and security issue resolution
    • Server installation and administration
    • Nagios monitoring and troubleshooting
    • Co-ordinate maintenance and monitoring of DNS, Bind, Web, and log servers.
    • Configure IP and DNS records
    • Provide troubleshooting support for software, hardware, and network issues as required
    • Advise Director of Network Services on technology trends and recommend future technology and developments for current system
    • Document server operations and procedures
  • Systems Librarian - Univ of South Carolina (Jan’06 – June ‘07)

    Server installation (Linux, Windows)

    • Provide hardware & software installation and support (Windows, NT, Server 2003, Linux, MAC)
    • Monitor daily status of applications, maintain systems backups and upgrades
    • Provide troubleshooting support for software, hardware, and network issues
    • Administer, coordinate, develop and provide troubleshooting and support for the Innovative Interfaces integrated library system (ILS)
    • Assist in the integration of existing or new third-party resource and software with the ILS
    • Administer the Library management System and related applications, library servers, networking issues in the library, hardware and software installation and related issues, and support and oversee technical training
    • Performs system upgrades, new installations, backups
    • Evaluate training needs and provide training and instruction to Library faculty and staff as needed
    • Maintain and support the Library’s Pharos Uniprint printing and copying system
    • Provide regular reports and statistics on the operation of the ILS, Pharos Uniprint System, and web servers
    • Investigate and participate in testing emerging technologies and products, evaluate potential library uses, teach and expose library faculty and staff to new technologies
    • Provide system administration support for four Windows based servers, including the library web page server and proxy server.
  • Graduate Assistant - Uni of South Carolina ( Jan’04 – Dec’05)

    Build client-side and server-side web programming languages and other interactive technologies (ASP, JavaScript, MS Access)

    • Provide system administration support for Windows and Linux based servers
    • Hardware & Software installation and support (Windows, NT, Server 2003, Linux, Mac OSX)
    • LAN administration, TCP/IP, installing and implementing database systems and servers (LAMP/Windows)
    • Teach and help students with applied knowledge of standard web tools, web design and its usability
    • Maintain the Local Area Network, computers, servers and related peripherals within the library
    • Install and troubleshoot problems with hardware and software installation, including installing new applications, installing upgrades and assisting users to solve software problems
  • Systems Intern - Midlands Technical College, SC (Jan’05 – May’05)

    PHP, MySQL, SIRSI Unicorn


    Designed and implemented an intranet based sign-in retriever page for two of the Midlands Technical College campuses. User can pull up information how many students, staff & faculty accessed the Library’s online system. The information can be retrieved by various combinations such as by hours, days, months and years. The retrieved information can also be exported to Excel.

  • Software Engineer - Polar Industries Ltd. India (Nov’97 - Sep’00)


    Employee Management System (IBM, India)

    Inventory Control System (IBM, India)

    Event Management Calendar (IBM, India)

    Library Management System (The National Library, India)

    C++, UNIX, SQL Server, Access 

    Involved in the analysis & design of the system, designed modules

    Involved in creating class and methods System Software Implementation

    System software implementation

    Responsible for preparation of the pseudo codes

    Designed a procedure/program for maintaining daily inventory status for ‘A’ class material needed for its management information system, designed ER and Data Flow diagrams for maintaining daily inventory status for ‘A’ class materials

    Involved in the designing of database queries for report generation. Writing process specification for sub-modules

    Designed different sub-module of the inventory system like maintenance and report generation

  • Electrical Engineer - Production Thermoklin Control, India (Aug’95 - Oct'97)

    Responsible for production, planning and control

    Supervising daily shift production, maintaining LIFO

    Raw materials procurement (Class B), Inventory Control

    Generation of monthly MIS and maintaining inventory control