Soumitra Kayal
I am an DevOps Engineer


I have been a computer enthusiast for as long as I can remember, a doer of intricate things as I like to say.
I’ve been building websites, automating things, and operating a home lab for over 5 years.
I’m a believer in open source software, so much so that I run Linux on all of my computers for work and play.
I am also a hobbyist photographer and love cooking on my free time. I am a big fan of the 80s and love all those classic hits.


System Administration/Cloud Computing

At the very core of all my work is building rock solid infrastructure. Think servers, memory, HDD, connectivity, data centre and the whole works.


I develop, design, architect, build, integrate & help manage e-commerce & m-commerce solutions.

Web / Mobile Development

I design, develop, code and build great functional websites and applications across platforms.

Digital Marketing, SEO & Social Media

I promote, strategize, build ‘buzz’, generate conversions, get traffic & help you achieve your online marketing objectives.