About Me

Hi, I am Soumitra

I have been a computer enthusiast for as long as I can remember, I did my first Linux installation at the age of 23 and started trying to learn C++ /UNIX shortly after. I got a solid foundation in problem-solving and coding fundamentals during my C++/UNIX certification.

My Skills & Expertise

I specialize in administration and support services, focusing on system virtualization, security, automation, reliability, and management, web development, and security of the software and infrastructure and emphasis on achieving high up-times.

Linux/Windows System Administration

Virtualization (Citrix XenServer, VMware ESX/ESXi,AWS, AZURE)

Network Administration, Load Balancing, Firewall Rules

Version control software (Git, Puppet)

RAID technologies

Open Source Monitoring (Nagios, Icinga)


Version Control: GIT, Puppet

Scripting Languages – Bash, Perl, PHP

Storage Area Networks

Wordpress Development

IT Infrastructure Monitoring, logging and alerting tools - Nagios, Icinga, Influx DB, Grafana

Database Management System – MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL

Cloud Platform - AWS, Self Hosted

Archiving and Digital Preservation – CONTENTdm, Islandora

E-books and Integrated Library Systems – Evergreen, Koha, Millennium

Photo & Video Post-Processing (Adobe Premiere Pro/Final Cut Pro X)


Linux: CentOS, Suse, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora
Unix: FreeBSD, Mac OS, SUN Solaris, HP-UX
Windows: Windows 7/10/11, Windows Server 2012, 2016 & 2019, Office365, Active Directory, SharePoint, Exchange, Teams
Virtualization: VMware, Ganeti, Virtual Box, Citrix XenServer
Web servers: Apache, Tomcat
FTP servers: Proftpd, Sftpd, ftpd, TFTP
DNS: IPA, Bind, PowerDNS
Firewall configuration: pfSense, NAT, connection tracking, iptables, ipfw,
VPN: OpenVPN, Cisco VPN
Mail: SMTP, Sendmail, Postfix, Qmail, Mailman, Barracuda, Discourse
POP3/IMAP: Courier, Dovecot
Security: Snort, WireShark, Nessus, nmap, Samba, SSH, SSL, TLS, TCP Wrappers, dsniff, tcpdump
Database tools: MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL
Monitoring tools: Nagios, Icinga, Zabbix, Graphite, Garfana, MRTG, Splunk, Uptime Kuma,Vmstat
Networking/Other: TCP/IP, SMTP, DNS,LDAP,HTTP/HTTPS, SSH, VLAN, NFS, CIFS, Scalability planning, Disaster recovery, Load balancing, RAID technologies
Back-up tools: Tar, rsync, Bacula, Amanda, Snapshots, MYSQL-ZRM, Veeam
Versioning Tools: Puppet, Git, Github
CMS: Drupal, Joomla, WordPress
Cloud computing: AWS, Microsoft Azure
Hardware: Dell EqualLogic, Compellent, PowerVault, EMC/PowerEdge, Juniper: EX4600 
Language/Scripting: PHP, Python, Perl, HTML,ASP, jQuery, Javascript, Bash
Bug tracking tools: Jira, MantisBT, Confluence
Library Software System:  Innovative Millennium, VDX, Evergreen ILS, Koha, contentDM
Orchestration platform: Docker