About Me

Hi, I am Soumitra

I have been a computer enthusiast for as long as I can remember, I did my first Linux installation at the age of 23 and started trying to learn C++ /UNIX shortly after. I got a solid foundation in problem-solving and coding fundamentals during my C++/UNIX certification.

My Skills & Expertise

With a Master’s Degree in Information Science and Computer Science, and over 22 years of experience, I specialize in a range of IT disciplines. My expertise lies in seamlessly integrating advanced technology solutions to enhance efficiency and reliability in diverse environments.

Core Competencies
Automation & Efficiency: Expert in Terraform and Ansible for streamlined operations.
CI/CD Expertise: Proficient in Docker and GitHub for efficient code deployments.
Cloud Architecture & Management: Specialized in AWS for scalable and secure cloud solutions.
System Monitoring & Analysis: Skilled in advanced tools for proactive problem-solving.
Incident Management & Analysis: Adept at conducting thorough root cause analysis.
Software Deployment & System Administration: Experienced in reliable software deployment and comprehensive system maintenance.

Additional Skills
Managed Citrix XenServer and VMware server environments.
Configured Azure cloud services and managed database infrastructures.
Led migrations, system monitoring, and cybersecurity assessments.
Implemented business continuity plans and administrated digital repositories.

Technical Proficiencies
Python, Terraform, Datadog, Jenkins, GitHub, Node.js, AWS.

In my career, I have consistently aimed to leverage technology for business excellence and operational improvements. I am passionate about driving innovation and efficiency in every project I undertake.